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When Life Doesn’t Make Sense?

How do I find meaning and purpose in life?Final Front Cover - Wisdom

 Most of us face this question sooner or later, no matter how popular, rich or successful we might be. Money can’t buy meaning in life. Education can’t teach it to you. Possessions don’t come with it. You can’t find it by getting married, nor by staying single. Losing weight doesn’t help, nor does meditation. Religion won’t fix the problem, nor will committing suicide.

But life isn’t hopeless or meaningless. You can find answers. Welcome to the book of Ecclesiastes.

Solomon was one of the few people in history who had the resources to try out everything that life offers. He had money. He had power. He had possessions. He had knowledge and wisdom. He had women. He had his own private musicians. He even tried worshiping idols. If he wanted something, he bought it, or got it some other way. But he didn’t have meaning or purpose in life, and he wanted it.

He wanted it badly.

The book of Ecclesiastes is Solomon’s diary of the process he went through to try to find meaning in life. You will be surprised at what he all tried, and what didn’t work. And you may be surprised at his conclusion.

Stage: Just about ready for printing. I should have some copies in 3 – 4 weeks! [Duh… I did a final scan of the proofs and found a major bloober. So that pushes it out a couple of weeks. Maybe late January now?]  


Journal CoverSylvester’s Journal


  • Imagine 1870 in a Mennonite community in Pennsylvania.
  • Then imagine a father who was living a double life.
  • Also imagine that the father kept a journal for some unknown reason and wrote down the details of his life.
  • Finally, imagine that he died suddenly and didn’t get the chance to destroy the journal and his son found it. 

Then what? 

Imagine Sylvester’s Journal

  • Meet Sylvester, who had an urge to keep a journal but never thought of what might happen if someone found it.
  • Meet his wife Sarah, who knew something was wrong but didn’t know what, until she read the journal after his death.
  • Meet SamueSylvesterl, his only son who always struggled with getting along with his father. Finding the journal doesn’t help him to forgive his father.
  • And finally, meet Selina, Samuel’s wife, the key to helping the family heal after the devastation of discovering the journal.

Stage: Submitted for evaluation.  


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